#blogexodus for 4 Nisan: Cleaning – Don’t Do Today What You Can Put Off Until Tommorow?

When my friend Rabbi Phyllis Sommer proposed the idea of #blogexodus, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to renew my foray into blogging and in the process actually find my blogging “voice” (the why of blogging rather than the how, so to speak). I felt like the daily discipline of the #blogexodus project would help me do just that. Days 1-3 have gotten me back into blogging, and somewhere in the midst, my “voice” is starting to come through (though it has yet to fully capture my real life “snarkiness”).

It is ironic, however, that yesterday would be my first “I’ll have to put it off until tomorrow” post. The theme was cleaning, and when it comes to cleaning, I am 100% a “put it off until tomorrow” kind of guy (just ask my wife). A certain level of urgency has to arise (such as, omg… the kids’ bathroom is a disaster!) or a certain amount of prodding has to be involved (i.e. “Honey, could you get the vacuuming done today?”). As a result, cleaning never feels like a relaxed endeavor for me. It is always an under pressure, urgent, last minute source of stress.

Perhaps therein lies one of the spiritual messages of cleaning for Passover. It is something we do not in haste (ironically), but with planning and forethought. We take time to empty shelves and line them, to clean out refrigerators and ovens, and to search out leaven wherever it may reside. We even take our cars to be cleaned and vacuumed. And the feeling at the end, as we prepare to sit down at the Seder table, is not that of hurried stress, but of the refreshment and of starting with a clean slate. Our Passover-induced spring cleaning lets us start anew. Having cleaned out the physical chametz from our homes, we can now get to work on cleaning out the spiritual chametz of an enslaved past to prepare for our future as a free people.

What important work do you usual put off until tomorrow? How could would doing it today, unhurried and with forethought make a difference for you, physically and spiritually? What would you do with the time tomorrow that doing something today will free up?

“Until you value yourself, you will not value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.” ~ M. Scott Peck

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