We Need More Than Words and Prayers

One of my plans for today was to write a blogpost as one of my goals is to add weekly to my posts.  Then the shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota happened and I thought I knew what I wanted to say. And then Dallas happened last night and words could not express the pain I felt as I watched my country teeter on the precipice. And then this morning, Facebook erupted and the words came and I added mine to theirs:

My heart is broken and my soul is challenged this morning. I grieve for two who died for being “stopped while Black” and five more whose lives were taken for being present “while wearing blue”. I grieve for the loss endured by their families, loved ones and friends. I grieve for our nation. 

This is not the America of our hopes and dreams, but of our fears and nightmares. Senseless hatred and Societal biases have brought down many a great nation and we dare not ignore these moments. Words on a Facebook post mean nothing, only action matters. 

Today is a day to recommit ourselves to getting involved with the work of organizations and the support of leaders devoted to building a more loving, more inclusive and less polarized America. Let’s make sure that #loveconquershate and join hands in repairing our shattered world.”

Tonight is Shabbat which brings with it the taste of the world of Shalom and Shleimu (peace and wholeness) for which we all hope.  

Tonight and tomorrow I will offer prayers of peace. But, next week I will spend time with some of my social justice partners doing the work to make those prayers a reality for all. The words are only as meaningful as our actions make them.  And though this work seems never ending, but it must also never end.

Lo alecha ha-m’lacha ligmor v’lo ata ben chorim l’hibatil mimena. – It is not your duty to complete the work, but neither are you free to desist from it. (Pirke Avot 2:21)

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